Hatton International

Finance and project development

What we do

Hatton International is a global finance and technology company, specialising in development acceleration and new venture investment. We are based in the UK, with a network of associates, project developers, financiers and government experts in markets across the globe.


We work with entrepreneurs and early stage technology companies to evaluate product and service viability, advise on intellectual property protection, and assist with financing. We also work with clients and partners on commercialisation strategies and market entry approaches by helping to identify and connect with customers and broker international partnerships.


We act as an introducer and broker of outsourced data analytics services, connecting commercial data users with system integrators and data specialists. We analyse client and partner data requirements in order to source appropriate data and analytics solutions, including the development of cross-platform data management systems and operational performance analysis.


We provide financial structuring advice for new venture development, including financial strategy, off balance sheet solutions and efficient use of debt and equity structures in leveraged transactions. We work on cross-border and inward investment, and are specialists in overall financial strategy for new business divisions entering new markets and new business activities.


We help enhance economic development projects designed to create economic impact in partner and client countries. Our activities include investment, capacity building, international trade development and corporate social responsibility. Our global network of experts and industry leaders have delivered successful projects across North America and EMEA territories.